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A Little Bit About Myself

I’m a New York-based freelance writer who has had two major careers, as a creative director for an art museum and as a journalist. I’ve had plenty of other jobs but the common thread is writing, a love for clarity in communication, sharing information and writing. Or did I already say that?

I create social media campaigns, annual reports and look-books for art museums and universities, and web content and marketing materials for a range of professionals. I interview high-level donors, artists, educators and CEOs. I write about nanotube and RFID technology, e-procurement strategies and privacy concerns, family, food and health.

What I hear most from my clients and editors is that I’m easy to work with. I’m a great listener and I ask the right questions at the right time. I synthesize complex material into accessible information. And I have a very relaxed approach to even the most intense encounters and exhibit grace under pressure (at least while in public).


What this means for you is that your writing demands will be met without pulling out your hair. You’ll get what you need on time and we’ll have fun working together.


I chose the name Binder Clip because I really like saying the word. It starts and ends with crisp sounds. It’s also an old-school device and I’m a bit old school. I like paper (and the perfect pens, which I am loathe to share, so don’t ask) and I use binder clips to wrangle projects. They unify disparate pieces of information into a cohesive message.


I hope Binder Clip pulls your writing needs together, too.

My reflection in one of Caleb Nussear's suite of sculptures -- Luncheon on the Grass -- during the summer of 2016 at the Katonah Museum of Art. This form of tesselation features glass and mirrors arranged in the Penrose tiling system. I liked being part of the whole.

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